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久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影Earning a doctorate is just that -- it’s earned.

It requires dedication and sacrifice, yet the rewards are far-reaching. This doctoral program is designed for educators seeking a deeper understanding of the powerful role literacy plays in the lives of all readers and writers. Before you is a chapter in an unwritten story. Look within. Consider the commitment. Envision the potential.

T久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影he mission of the Doctor of Education in Literacy Program at Judson University is to graduate exemplary leaders prepared to make substantial contributions to the literacy profession as writers, speakers, teachers, and researchers. Throughout the program, doctoral students are immersed in a collaborative culture that is purposefully designed to enhance their scholarly abilities. The program of study provides a strong academic foundation, examining the traditional core of literacy through a contemporary lens.

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Doctoral students have the opportunity to demonstrate their professional competencies through a series of distinctive benchmarks related to the six program outcomes of content knowledge, teaching, research, writing, speaking, and literacy leadership. The dissertation process is uniquely crafted to provide students with sustained support that is integrated throughout the research and writing experience. Doctoral students progress through their program as contributing members of a small and dynamic cohort.

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