Earthy Hippie Baby Names For Your Free Spirited Child | Hippy Baby Names (2023)

Why read: Need ideas for earthy hippie baby names? Check this list of nature-inspired hippie names, as well as virtue and boho hippie names for both boys and girls.

If you’re thinking of giving your baby a hippie name, you’re not alone!

While the hippie movement is well in the past, earthy hippie baby names are still quite popular in the States and around the world too.

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Why give your baby a hippie name?

You don’t need to be from a family of hippies circling around in an RV, bathing in rivers, and wearing flowers in their hair to give your child a hippie name.

Hippies symbolize free spirit, peace, and love. Throughout their movement, hippies advocated nonviolence and love. They were named “flower children” for their popular phrase “Make love, not war”.

No wonder hippie-inspired names like Avery, Harper, Autumn, Forrest, Faith and so many others remain in the top 100 in the US.

So if you’re looking for an evocative name that has a positive connotation to it going through a list of hippie names is a must. By the way, you might also like checking out fantasy names for boys that are out-of-this-world.

And while names like Freedom or Justice might not feel suitable for the vegan crunchy lifestyle of a modern-day hipster, there are many earthy and unique hippie names with a bohemian feel that are totally worth checking out.

To make things easier for you I categorized the names by hippie names from the 60s and 70s, nature-inspired earthy hippie baby names, virtue hippie names, unisex hippie names, and unique boho hippie names. Enjoy!

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Earthy Hippie Baby Names For Your Free Spirited Child | Hippy Baby Names (2)

Hippie Names From the 60s and 70s

Interestingly, the true hippies who started the hippie movement in the 1960s had quite usual names like Susan and Robert. So they began to use nicknames that would be more in lieu of the unique hippie style they were living.

Some hippie names like Meadow or Daisy derived from nature, others like Peace or Freedom echoed the hippie philosophy.

The hippie influence peaked in the early 1970s. Wearing long hair became a national trend among youth, both boys and girls alike. More and more people were into hippie music and naming their kids after big rock stars like Janis Joplin.

No wonder, when thinking about hippie names the first thing that comes to mind is the 60s and 70s – when it all started.

Hippie girl names from the 60s and 70s (with meanings):


The 60s rock star Janis Joplin made the name iconic for so many baby girls named after her. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “God is gracious”. Other spelling variations are Jannis, Janice, Janise.


The name Dawn was really popular in the 60s and early 70s. Unlike other names from the hippie 60s era, it still has a classy feel to it and doesn’t get old. Dawn is of English origin and means “the twilight before sunrise”.


Heather is a plant-inspired hippie name that was extremely popular in the 1970s (in the top 10). It is of English origin and means “heather plant”.


Popular in the 60s this earthy hippie name is starting to top the choice for baby girls again. The name derives from the Greek word “melodia” meaning “song”.


Summer is a beautiful seasonal name for a baby girl which we need to thank the hippie era for. It first started being used in the early 1970s and has remained quite popular ever since.

Hippie boy names from the 60s and 70s (with meanings):


The origin of the name Xavier comes from a Basque place called Etcheberria meaning “the new house”. In Arabic, it means “bright, splendid”. The name was brought into the spotlight by the hippie era and has been quite popular ever since. It’s been in the top 100 names in the US since 2001.


The name Zachary is of Hebrew origin, it derived from the Hebrew version Zachariah and means “God has remembered”. Yes, it’s a biblical name that you come across a number of times in the Bible.


This name was brought to popularity by Bob Marley who gave his son David a cute hippie nickname Ziggy. Ziggy is of German origin and means “victorious protector”. It can also be a short form of Zigmund or Sigmund and Siegfried.

Nature Inspired Earthy Hippie Baby Names for Girls


A flower name of French origin which is less popular but is certainly very unique and oh! so hippie.


Meaning a light gentle wind the name Breeze would be ideal for a girl who is a dreamer with a gentle poetic soul.


The name is of Greek origin and means “beauty”. The Calla Lily is an elegant flower that reinforces the beauty of this hippie baby name. It would be ideal for a spring baby girl.


Another plant-inspired baby name drawn from a cassia tree. The tree has bright yellow flowers and is sometimes called Chinese cinnamon due to the cinnamon-like spice it gives. Its spelling variation is Kassia.


Another beautiful earthy hippie baby name of Greek origin. It means “blooming” referring to green shoots of plants in spring. The name is also tied to Greek mythology and was the name that Goddess of fertility Demeter used in spring. The alternative spelling of the name is Khloe.


Clover is a type of flower. The name is of English origin and means “key”. Clover plant is a symbol of good luck, especially if four-leafed. Unlike other flower names clover is not over feminine, yet simple and unique.


Crystal is the most refined kind of quartz gemstone. The name is of Latin origin and means “Earth mineral”. Just like the stone itself this unique earthy name might be the perfect choice for your little gem.


Daisy is one of the most popular hippie flower names. It is of English origin and means “day’s eyes” because it opens its petals in the morning and closes at sunset. Daisy has historically been used as a nickname for the name Margaret (“marguerite” means flower in French).


The suffix “a” at the end made the English word “earth” into a beautiful feminine name Eartha. Certainly very unique and earthy hippie baby name.


The name is of English origin and means “green gemstone”. It is the birthstone for May and is said to bring goodness to its bearer’s life. The Spanish version of the name is Esmeralda.


Hailey is a pretty name of English origin meaning “Hey’s meadow”. The spelling of the name has many different variations but this one is the most popular.


Iris is of Greek origin and means “rainbow”. It’s an airy hippie name that comes from the Goddess of Rainbow in Greek mythology. Another derivation of the name comes from England as a flower name.


The climbing plant jasmine which has delicate and fragrant flowers is where the name comes from.


A delicate purple flower with a calming scent lavender is a cute hippie name for your flower child. Unlike other flower names, Lavender is quite unique.


Marigold is an English name meaning “golden flower”. The symbol of the Virgin Mary marigold has a sunny and airy feel.


With so many beautiful flower names it might be difficult to choose that perfect one. And if you are having a hard time with this why not name your baby girl after an entire meadow?! A beautiful earthy hippie name for an artistic and meadowy peaceful soul!


Probably one of the hippiest names out there Rainbow has a deep meaning to it. After a pouring rain rainbow brings hope and light. Rainbow was God’s promise to not flood the Earth again.


Sapphire is a unique hippie name with meanings “blue, jewel, gemstone”. Besides being a delicate gemstone sapphire is also a birthstone for September so it would be a great choice for a baby girl born in September.


The name Talia is of Hebrew origin and means “dew from heaven”. What can be more beautiful and refreshing than morning dew?!


Violet is another extremely popular hippie flower name. It is of Latin origin and means “purple”. Violet was one of the earliest flower names used as the first name for a girl. Unlike Rose and Lily that are too common, Violet still has an edge to it. It is also considered February’s birth flower.

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Earthy Hippie Baby Names For Your Free Spirited Child | Hippy Baby Names (3)

Nature Inspired Earthy Hippie Baby Names for Boys


Of course, you know basil as a fragrant herb but it’s also an unusual hippie name for a boy. Basil means “royal, king” in Greek and “brave” in Arabic. It’s a well-liked Greek name because of the popularity of Saint Basil.


This is one of those earthy hippie baby names that never get old. It was popular at the beginning of the past century, then again in the hippie times, and not less popular nowadays.


The name Glenn is of Scottish origin and means “valley”.


You certainly remember your childhood favorite hero Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. And that’s probably the only time you came across the name. It’s a very uncommon name meaning “sweet berry”.


While not very popular the name Wolf is certainly a very strong and charismatic choice for a fierce baby boy.

Virtue Hippie Names for Girls


The name is of English origin and means “giving”. It symbolizes self-sacrificial love and immense kindness to all people.


Another English name which means “fate”. The name Destiny was very popular in the past two decades and continues to be widely chosen by parents across the States.


This is one of those popular virtue names that is chosen by modern-day Christian parents to define their firm belief and unquestionable trust in God.


An uncommon and versatile name of Latin origin meaning “happiness and good fortune”.


The name Grace has a number of different meanings but it’s mostly referred to as “God’s grace”. The name’s popularity has never faded since it first started to be used as a female name in medieval Europe. It’s one of the top baby girl names in most English-speaking countries.


Hope is one of the three – Charity, Hope, Faith – theological virtue names first adopted by Puritans that remain classy and popular till this day.

Virtue Hippie Names for Boys


A unique name with lots of character meaning “aristocratic”.


This is undeniably the quality that any parent would wish for their child. To put less personality pressure on the child it can better be used as a middle name.


You might be surprised but the name Sincere has been circulating in the SSA’s (Social Security Administration) top 1000 popularity charts for boy names since 2000. Apparently, enough parents find this hippie virtue name masculine enough for their baby boys.


Originally coming from Buddhism, in English the word zen means “calm”. Actress Zoe Saldana has chosen this unusual hippie name for her son.

Unisex Hippie Names


According to Social Security Administration Avery has been in the top 20 names in the States for girls since 2011. Why wouldn’t it be when it means “Elf King”? The name is of French origin and is very popular among boy names too. Other variations of the name are Averie, Aeverie, Averi.


While not as popular as other nature-inspired hippie names Cloud has a light airy feel and works for both a girl and a boy.


Reggae king Bob Marley is the one to thank for the huge popularity of the name Marley for girls. The name is of English origin and has a charming meaning “seaside meadow”. Because the name is also used for boys it is one of the top unisex names in the US.


No wonder the name Dylan was and continues to be very popular, the meaning of the name – which is “son of the sea” – is adorable. It’s been in the top 40 names for boys since the 1990s.


The name Echo is one of those unusual names echoing the hippie era. It’s of Greek origin and means “reverberation of sound”. In Greek mythology, Echo was one of the beautiful mountain nymphs that Zeus often visited on Earth.


Ember is a beautiful name for a redhead baby as it means “spark or burning wood”. It sounds similar to the name Amber so your baby might have to correct people a lot.


This is of course a name that implies too strong of a statement. While it goes perfectly well with the hippie philosophy it might be too much for a child to bear.


Life is certainly a journey! With such a unique unisex hippie name your baby’s name will be a constant reminder to live life to the fullest.


Joy derives from Old French “joie” meaning great happiness. It’s a unisex virtue name that’s been used from the times of Puritans and remains quite popular to this day.


Justice is a unisex virtue name meaning “fair, righteous”. Unlike other virtue hippie names, Justice doesn’t have any religious implications. While the name has a more male feel to it, in recent years more and more parents choose it for their baby girls.


While very uncommon for Americans, the name Kami is widely used in the Eastern world. Depending on the language it means different things. In Japanese kami means “God”, while in Indian “whose desires are fulfilled”. As an Armenian, I know that in Armenian kami means “wind”.


You might be surprised that Kelsey is a unisex name. That’s because it’s been primarily used for girls in recent years. The name derives from an English place name meaning “Cenel’s island” with Cenel meaning “fierce”.


The name Micha is a short form of the Russian name Mikhail (the equivalent of the English Michael). It has numerous spelling variations like Misha, Mischa, Micah – to name a few. Now it’s mostly used as a girl’s name in the US.


A popular hippie name that is often the first choice by nature-loving parents. Like the ocean itself, the name has a deep and powerful connotation to it.

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Earthy Hippie Baby Names For Your Free Spirited Child | Hippy Baby Names (4)

Unique Boho Hippie Names for Girls


A unique boho name from Greek mythology for your strong baby girl. This name is as mystique and dramatic as can get and means “Ruler of men”.


Another beautiful name from Greek mythology. Athena was one of Zeus’s daughters and the Goddess of War. The name spurred interest after Tina Fey named her second daughter Penelope Athena.


Azura is of Spanish origin and means “sky blue”. A cute name for a blue-eyed baby girl.


My favorite name from the whole list. Celeste means “heavenly” in Latin and has a light and elegant feel just like its meaning. It’s more popular among French parents but Americans start to appreciate its beauty too.


Interestingly, the name Chana is pronounced with a “k” – “kah-nah”. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “grace”.


Depending on the language, Danna can mean different things. It’s a popular name in Europe and the Arabic world. In Arabic Danna means “expensive pearl”. The name is also considered a biblical name derived from “dan” meaning “judge”. From there comes the English meaning of the name – “God is my judge”. It is also the feminine form of the name Daniel.


Deja is a French name taken from the French phrase “deja vu” and means “already seen”. As a Spanish name, it means “remembrance”. It has different pronunciation variations: “dey-ha” or “de-zhah”. It’s no doubt a very unusual and unique name.


The name Delia is of Latin origin and means “from the island of Delos”. In Greek mythology, Delos was the birthplace of Goddess Artemis.


Gia is a short and cute bohemian name of Italian origin with a beautiful meaning “God’s gracious gift”.


The name has such a positive connotation that you feel naturally drawn to it. The English word “harmony” came from the Greek “harmonia”. In Greek mythology, Harmonia was the Goddess of harmony and happy marriages.


Jade means “green precious stone” in Spanish. This gemstone is believed to cure ailments and in China, it is said to bring fortune and money. The name Jade is one of the most popular names in France right now.


The month of June was named in honor of the Roman Goddess Juno (who is equivalent to Hera the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology). This summery light name might be the perfect choice for your little girl born in June.


Lolita is diminutive of Lola. The name is of Spanish origin and means “sorrow”. While quite an uncommon name in the States, Lolita is widely used in some Eastern countries – Russia, Ukraine, Latvia.


The name Luna is of Italian origin meaning “moon”. Luna was the name of the Roman Goddess of the moon.


A beautiful bohemian name Maya has various possible origins and meanings, some of which are “water” in Hebrew, “good mother” in Greek, “illusion” in Sanskrit.


The name Phoebe is of Greek origin and means “bright, shining”. In Friends – the popular comedy show – the name goes perfectly with Phoebe’s hippie and down-to-earth character.


Renee is a beautiful hippie name of Latin origin and means “reborn”.


The name Sadie is of Latin origin and means “princess”. Once a nickname for the name Sarah, Sadie has now gained popularity on its own. It’s considered a quirky and cool name and a lot of modern-day hipsters choose this name for their boho baby girl.


Who comes to mind when you think of the name Scarlett? For me, it’s always Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the wind”. Gorgeous Vivien Lee’s impeccable portrayal of the character gave the name such a regal and classic tone. The name is of English origin and means “scarlet, red”.


Serena comes from the Latin word serenus meaning “calm, peaceful, tranquil”. While the name dates back to the 4th-century saint Serenus the Gardener, it hasn’t been used a lot in the early 1900s and then regained popularity in the 60s and till this day. Another variation of the name with the same meaning is Serenity.


Zoe is a short and cute hippie name that has been quite popular recently (in the top 50 names since 2009). It is of Greek origin and means “life”.

Unique Boho Hippie Names for Boys


Ethan is one of the most popular names for boys in the States. It has been on the top 15 list since 2002. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “strong, firm”.


The name is of Welsh origin and means “grey or grey-haired”. It originated from English attempts to pronounce Welsh Ll in the name Lloyd.


The origin of the name Nico comes from the Greek name Nikodemos meaning “victory of people”. It’s a short form of the names Nicholas, Nicola, and other similar ones used primarily among European nations.


The name Quentin is of Latin origin and means “fifth”. It’s a unique name with a lot of boho crunchy character and strength.


Rufus means “red-head” in Latin. It was the nickname of red-headed King William. Plus there are a number of saints named Rufus. And it’s a biblical name too.


The name Sebastian comes from the Greek name Sebastianos meaning “from ancient city Sebastia”. The name is widely used in European countries like Denmark, Germany, Austria. The name also has cute short forms – Bastian, Sebbie, Seb, Bassie.


With a boho hippie name like Stone, your baby boy will surely be strong as a rock. But jokes aside, this is one of those cute short one-syllabus names that also has lots of character.


The meaning of Trent is “flooded”, it comes from the River Trent, England’s third longest river.


The name Trey derived from the Latin word “tres”, meaning “three”. It was traditionally given to the third-born son.

One Last Thing

While you might have not been alive in the hippie times it doesn’t mean you can’t love the earthy hippie baby names.

Whether it’s a nature-inspired flower name for your precious little girl or a strong and unique virtue one for your fierce boy, find what resonates the most.

And if it does, no matter how quirky and unusual it might sound to others, own it and love it. And your little one will love it too 🙂

Your Turn

Let me know in the comments which one of these earthy hippie baby names is your favorite. I told you which one is mine!

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