Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (2024)

Surviving Your First Days

Start up your New Game as Freedom {Survival if you're up for the challenge}, and enjoy/skip the intro. We find ourselves in a heavily damaged lifepod. Take a second to familiarize yourself with your HUD: Oxygen (O2) and health {and food and water} gauges. The initial focus is on surviving and setting ourselves up for exploring. Looking around the lifepad, you have your Medical Kit Fabricator, your Storage container in the bench, some damaged equipment and radio (we eventually need to repair these), your Fabricator, and entrances/exits on the top and bottom. Grab the medkit, as it takes about 10 minutes to respawn. Let's exit up on top to get our bearings.

Well...that's sparse. Time to focus on improving our living conditions. We want to build a Survival Knife, Oxygen Tank, and Swim Fins as quickly as possible. Dive in to start resource gathering.

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  • Getting Your Feet Wet

    Dive for the very first time

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This biome is the Safe Shallows, almost no danger or depth. Nearby should be some small wreckage called Metal Salvage which can be processed into 4 titanium using the Fabricator. Grab a couple. You should encounter one of the very few tutorial messages, "Break Limestone." Doing so gives you either titanium or copper. Keep an eye on your O2, obviously running the meter down results in dying. You do have some leeway but not much.

A little further away from your pod, you soon encounter your next biome, the Creepvine Forests. Creepvines provide you a source of fiber and yellow seeds; they also provide a natural habitat to your first predator, a Stalker. They look like horizontal seahorses and like to get bite-y. They are slower than you; strafe to avoid them for now. They love to play with metal salvage which also knocks loose some of their teeth (more on that later). For now, sneak by any Stalkers and grab a couple yellow seeds from a creepvine. If you see a blue bladderfish (it looks vaguely like a pair of lungs swimming), chase it and grab it. Return to your lifepod.

{Grab some small prey fish. They can be cooked or cured with salt in the Fabricator for food. Bladderfish are critical to your water needs for now. Poke around the Fabricator menu to discover other food/water creation techniques.}

Use the Fabricator to break down your Metal Salvage and Creepvine Seeds (for 2 silicone rubber each). Build your Oxygen Tank and Swim Fans to facilitate faster and deeper swimming. They auto-equip to your character once built. Finish up with a Survival Knife, which you can equip to your quick assign slots in the Inventory. If you have a bladderfish, build and assign an Air Bladder which floats you to the surface quicker than you can swim.

We next need a Scanner, Repair Tool, and Flashlight, so head back out. Find and break some limestone outcroppings (mostly found on the walls) until you get 3 pieces of copper, then grab 6 of those psychedelic purple mushrooms to make batteries. Head to the creepvines, follow the prompt, equip your knife, and slice some creepvines which can be processed for fibers {and eaten from the Inventory for some food/water}. We need to venture into the shallow caves now. Find one, surface for air, then proceed in. We are looking for cave sulfur in Crashfish nests. The nests look like a dark red sack when you first see them and a red X with a yellow outline when a crashfish is not present. When you get close, a crashfish pops out to home in on you and explode. You hear it roar as it bursts out and buzz as it approaches. Try to avoid the impact as it does damage you. Most of the time, you can collect yellow beads, the cave sulfur, out of the nest. Occasionally, it is empty and you have to find another one. You only need 2 of these in the entire game.

Caves (and giant coral tubes) are a great source of other resources like quartz (pale blue and spiky) so collect a few while you are there.

Return to base to craft 3 batteries and 1 glass (2 quartz) first, then a scanner, a flashlight, and a repair tool. Now we can repair the damaged portions of the lifepod. The radio messages push the story forward for the early stages of the game so repair it ASAP and click on the radio to discover that help is...not on the way. If you haven't already crafted an Air Bladder, nighttime is a great time to hunt for Bladderfish as their bioluminescence stands out against the dark background. Use the scanner whenever you can encounter wreckage (or anything on this planet that you are curious about) to unlock blueprints/information. While it's tempting to use the flashlight at night, try to save your battery for cave exploration for now. Store any depleted batteries until we can recharge them.

By now, you should have seen a blue radio icon on the upper right of our HUD. Return to the lifepod to listen to the radio message. Afterwards, the beacon for Lifepod 3 pops up on your HUD, so let's head to it. Nearby you should find a couple fragments for a Seaglide; inside are a databox containing compass blueprints and an abandoned PDA. Scan the fragments (and any others you encounter on the seafloor), and collect the databox blueprint. The PDA contains some interesting story but can be skipped. Once you search the lifepod, the icon auto-removes from your HUD but can be reenabled any time in your PDA.

You should hear some more not-great news from your PDA, this time concerning the Aurora's power plant, but nothing can be done about that now. By your next sunrise, try to be on the surface looking towards the Aurora for the show. Afterwards, with the nose of the Aurora gone, we have our entrance. Hold off for now though, because we need to complete some prep work before we head out.

Base Building

Time to build a base! For now, it will be simple and just used for storage, but it won't be wet. First we need a habitat builder which requires a wiring kit, computer chip, and a battery. The wiring kit needs 2 silver; the computer chip needs 2 table coral, 1 gold, and a copper wire (2 coppers). Get ready for complex building requirements. You know where to get battery components, but we need to head to the Creepvine Forests' walls and caves to find Sandstone outcroppings, which provide Gold, Silver, and Lead. Sandstone looks much smoother and browner than the Limestone outcroppings you are used to seeing. Table coral is plentiful on the walls of the Safe Shallows; knife it then pick it up. Once you craft the habitat builder, go collect 1-2 lead, 2 copper, 4 quartz, and fill up on titanium/metal salvage.

Once your inventory is full (and processed into usable resources), we need to scout a good place to build your base. Ideally, you want to be close to your lifepod and near a drop-off. The drop-off is the priority as we later gain the ability to create vehicles that require several meters of depth to maneuver. They require a lot of resources, so you don't want them to bottom out and get stuck permanently.

With your suitable location found, start by building a foundation (or 2) for structural integrity about 2-3 "levels" (as your habitat builder shows) below the surface. Drop an X compartment wherever you like on your platform, and add a hatch in the center of the roof. Build a solar panel nearby or atop the arms of the X; the closer to the surface, the more efficiently the panel creates energy. We now have a storage site! Enter and you can build Lockers and/or Wall Lockers. I prefer the Wall Locker since I can label it with the resource it contains.

  • Settling in for the Long Haul

    Build a habitat

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Some notes to keep in mind about your base:

  • Solar panels should be sufficient to run this base for now, especially without food and water requirements. If you build your power source away from the base, just make sure that you see a beam running from the panel/generator back to the base, otherwise your base does not receive power.
  • Every compartment you add decreases the hull strength of your base. Anything below 0, your base starts to take damage and flood. To increase your hull strength, you need to build Hull Reinforcements on the rectangular panels on any I compartments or multipurpose rooms (we unlock these rooms later).
  • You always face the same direction of your base when you enter from a top hatch, so put something useful on those immediate walls, like a Fabricator and a Wall Locker containing health kits and other quick grabs/essentials {like food and water}.
  • Try to keep resources organized, however that makes sense to you. We need to use all of the resources you gather at some point, so stay ahead of the complicated crafting craziness to reduce that annoyance.
  • Feel free to trick it out as you please, build other bases around the map, or make do with your X. We move most of it over to a mobile base(!) towards the end of the game anyway and only one more achievement requires a base.

The Aurora

With our base started, we can start our preparations for exploring the Aurora. We need a High Capacity O2 Tank (2 glass, 4 titanium, silver, and your existing tank), a radiation suit (2 fiber mesh + 2 lead), a compass (copper wire + wiring kit), a Rebreather (wiring kit + fiber mesh), and at least 1 spare battery. If you've found enough fragments for its blueprint, craft a Seaglide too (1 battery, 1 copper wire, 1 lead, and 1 lubricant(1 creepvine seed)). Get to collecting and crafting. Just note that you have to remove your O2 tank from your personal equipment and back into your inventory to improve it.

The Seaglide has a 3D map and flashlight built into it. I really only used its flashlight in the dark but its controls are a little finnicky. Just keep pulling Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (8) until you reach a setting you are happy with. For now it's mostly helpful to get down to depth quickly, but we use it more and more often as we go deeper. If you haven't found it yet, there is a small/medium debris field along the eastern edge of the safe shallows bordering the creepvine forest, around here are helpful beacon and mobile vehicle bay fragments. If your base is far away from your lifepod, you can craft a beacon (copper + titanium) to help find it more easily or just drop one at any point of interest that you want to return to. They can be labeled which helps tremendously if you drop more than one. If you can't find that debris field, don't stress.

We also need a Laser Cutter and Propulsion Cannon, but we don't have the blueprints for them yet. If you've been keeping up with the radio messages, you've discovered some information. Lifepod 6 is around but did not provide an exact location (clues are in your PDA). The Sunbeam is in our part of the galaxy and is mildly interested about our status. A creepy partially-translated broadcast finding 9 new biological subjects that require hunting and analyzing (...sounds ominous...). The Sunbeam is coming to our rescue(!) but the captain's talent is a little concerning. Finally, Lifepod 17 could use some assistance with reptile extermination.

For now, swap the Radiation Helmet for the Rebreather so we can dive deeper and help out our nervous cafeteria worker. Head over to the red Grassy Plateaus for your newest biome. You may notice some Reefback Leviathans, basically horseshoe crabs so enormous, they are effectively swimming islands. They indicate the area is safe from other, more dangerous Leviathans and hold some interesting flora and barnacles on their backs. Break these barnacles for metal resources.

In pod 17 is a helpful PDA message detailing the equipment in the Aurora, which should be very helpful in our quest to survive, and a nearby cave system. Search the seafloor near the lifepod for a Seamoth and bioreactor fragment. You should see the cave entrances, head up for air then down to the first ledge to view the Jellyshroom Cave in full. We are not equipped to explore it properly, but this ledge is our only known location for new resources like Magnitite and Shale outcroppings, which provide Gold, Diamond, and Lithium. Shale is black with a texture between the Sandstone and Limestone outcrops we've seen before. Make sure to collect 2 diamonds.

Head back out of the cave and NorthNorthWest a bit for a big wreck. Check the debris around it for a Laser Cutter, Scanner Room, and Battery Charger fragments along with any final bioreactor fragments needed. Watch out for those Sand Sharks along the way. Head inside the top portion for a PDA, 2 more fragments for a laser cutter, mobile vehicle bay, and a propulsion cannon. Take your time exploring, always keep your exits in mind, and be very attentive to your O2. You can repair a panel to open the door next to it. Behind that door is a very dangerous pair of rooms (do not get lost!) containing 2 Modification Station fragments and a data terminal. You may want to wait to explore these rooms until you can park a Seamoth outside one of the entrances for a quicker O2 replenishment site. {There is a command chair and bench in the top rooms as well. Building one in your base allows you to sit without losing food/water, giving you a chance to review your PDA, regroup mentally, or just enjoy the view}.

Head back to your base, swap your helmets, and store your resources and rebreather. Only take your exploration/survival equipment and head towards the Aurora. There are plenty of debris fields to look out for. There should be plenty of interesting fragments to find, but we specifically need Propulsion Cannon fragments until we can synthesize its blueprint. It is important to stay along the left side of the Aurora and not venture around the nose or tail, unless you'd like to meet some of the scariest and deadliest monsters in the game, Reaper Leviathans. Trust me, you know them when you see/hear them. When you complete your Laser Cutter and Propulsion Cannon fragments, head back to your Fabricator to craft them. The cannon needs a wiring kit, battery, and titanium; the laser cutter: 2 diamonds, a battery, titanium, and cave sulfur.

Now we can explore the Aurora! Make sure to dump everything not needed for exploration/survival, including your Seaglide, Habitat Builder, etc. at your base storage. Bring a repair tool, laser cutter, and a propulsion cannon, {and 1-2 food sources each. There's plenty of water on board and some food}. There are plenty of batteries to pick up aboard the ship; I point them out as we come to them, but if you miss any, don't worry. Your radio should have a hopeful message from our only friend, Captain Sunbeam, and maybe an automated distress signal from Lifepod 12.

Head towards the front 1/3 of the ship. Around there should be a drop off from 30m to 100m. Up against the ship, at the very edge of the 30m ledge should be a supply crate with an additional battery for you to grab. Continue forward along the hull. As you approach the damaged nose, stay near the surface as there is a Reaper Leviathan hanging out nearby. Next to the second-to-last intact circular steelwork should be a gap big enough to swim through. Once through, we encounter 2 angled floors that are now essentially ramps, one on each side of some gnarly twisted orange-glowing metal and a big fire. Take the upper ramp on the left. Get in the habit of scanning anything scannable that you encounter (you can ignore fragments you already have the blueprints for). Several supply crates with medkits abound. You encounter crab-like cave crawlers that can do minor damage; if they annoy you, use the propulsion cannon on them to throw them back in the water.

Follow the upper ramp to the big fire and turn right to walk down a narrow black walkway over the water. Follow that path towards an interior door and pick up the Fire Extinguisher near the supply crate. Go through the door while staying to the right. There is a battery in a supply crate in that fire, if you want it. Continue to the fork in the path, grab the PDA if you want, and turn right towards Administration. Put out the fire in the doorway and collect the miscellaneous items if you want to decorate your base. In this room are a battery, a data terminal, and 2 PDAs; the PDA closest to the door, "Notes to self," contains the code to the Cargo Bay.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Exit out of Admin, go down the hall towards Cargo Bay 3, and use the cannon to move the debris out of the way. Continue down the hall to the code-locked door, enter the code on the left, and continue through the left of this room. There is an optional PDA on the way to the ramp, your call. Go down the ramp and jump into the water. Watch out for the minor annoyances that are the Bleeders. You can knife them to kill them. If one latches on to you, just Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (9) to hit it off. Head right and right again to get to the Seamoth Bay. Repair the panel next to the door and enter. Ignore the PDA, scan the 2 Seamoth fragments if you don't have the blueprint already, and grab the Seamoth Depth Module Mk1 from that 4 pod canister on the left.

Exit the room and turn right towards the Drive Room. You should be able to extinguish the little fire on the right of the hallway to proceed through undamaged, hugging the wall into the next room. You get another inane message from your PDA. Since no one else is on the planet, let's hope you do have the appropriate qualifications to attempt this repair. Walk forward to grab the Cyclops engine efficiency module from that terminal. You need to repair the 11 breaches on the 4 towers using your repair tool. I believe they spawn randomly but are quite obvious. Watch out for more Bleeders underwater. Once done, you have actually saved the planet, earning you

Radiation is no longer leaking. Within 3 days the radiation around the Aurora completely dissipates, no longer requiring the radiation suit to approach it. Head back to the door, grab the backup fire extinguisher, return down the hall, and make your first right towards a supply cache containing another battery and continue down the hall labeled Prawn Bay and Locker Room. Laser cut the door open and proceed through. Optional PDA is on your immediate left; in the far right corner from the initial door, there is a First Aid kit and, above it, a PDA containing the code to Cabin #1.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Turn left for the next door. There are 3 more batteries, 1 in the row of lockers to the right, another on the ground next to a bench just right of the exit door, and the 3rd in the supply crate after the door. Continue up the hallway and extinguish the fire around the door. Repair the door panel on the far side and enter the Prawn Bay. Turn left, grab the Power Cell out of the supply crate, turn around and continue past the door for another supply crate and power cell. Scan all 4 Prawn suit fragments! Grab the Seamoth storage module out of the terminal that is slightly ablaze. Continue up the ramp covered in cargo boxes, jumping with Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (13) as necessary, grab another power cell in the corner, then head into the Living Quarters. {First right has plenty of food and water}. The first left is a cafeteria with plenty of scannable and grabbable quality of life habitat items. Continue down the main hallway and turn right. Extinguish the fire in front of Cabin 7, the first right, and scan the bed. We can use that to skip nights going forward. An optional PDA and 2 batteries are also in here. Optional PDA in both Cabins 4 and 6 (6 also has a battery and poster). The trash can in the hallway, if you haven't already scanned one on the seafloor, is a nice tool to despawn unnecessary items. The carry-all bags can be used as storage in the base but are not additional storage that you can lug around with you. Mostly they are just decorative so ignore them unless your heart really desires them. The optional Cabin 1 is locked, so either check your PDA under Data Downloads>Codes & Clues>Sweet Offer or the spoiler up above for the code. It contains a PDA, blue cap, scannable wall shelf and double bed, and an Arcade gorge toy to play with during your free time.

The next portion of hallway is the captain's quarters which is locked behind a code we don't yet know. You get it much later in the story from the radio but to remove the need for an otherwise pointless return trip, the code is

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Captain's Quarters does contain an end-of-game sort-of spoiler:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Retrace your steps to the Prawn Bay, go down the ramp, and continue straight into the back right corner of the room. Under a bit of water is another cached power cell. This next part is a 3D maze and quite difficult to describe, so please bear with me. The next exit is under that supply crate. Turn around and swim diagonally towards what is now the back right corner until you reach the edge of the water. Turn around again to look back towards that supply crate (and the underwater exit) to get your bearings. Swim down and follow the double tubes on the floor to the right. To the left of the double tubes is a square gap you can fit into. Go until you hit the wall then turn left. You are now pointing directly towards the exit (with some pipes in the way). Continue forward (you should see a spare flashlight just in front of the big pipe immediately on your left). Continue forward over that big pipe and up over the 2 pipes that form a "T". The exit should be just above and ahead of you. Go through into a flooded hallway and turn around. Turn left into another room with an optional data terminal one floor below you. On the opposite side of that terminal is a door and supply crate (battery). Continue through the door, turn left, and laser cut the next door. Before heading through, go back to the data terminal room for a full supply of air. Enter and immediately encounter an optional coded door that can be skipped entirely. The code is on the PDA to the left if you must have it. Go towards the PDA anyway, avoiding the sparking wire by swimming underneath it, if you can manage it.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Optional information: Through the door are an optional PDA and data terminal. Open the next door, and continue making lefts until you duck under some wreckage. You are now back at the original PDA location next to the sparking wire and big circular structure.

Continuing on: from the PDA location, turn right (turn around if you did the optional info above), proceed through the gap in the wreckage, and up the ramp. Extinguish the fire in the doorway, continue up the hall, and use the propulsion cannon to clear the debris in the doorway. We are now back at the lower entrance ramp, completing the Aurora loop. Return to base to sort your loot.

Finishing Surface Exploration and The Sunbeam

Let's start building vehicles! First we need a Mobile Vehicle Bay - 1 titanium ingot (10 titanium), lubricant, and power cell. Deploy it at the surface around your base, making sure it is beyond the dropoff and facing towards deep water. Hop up on it. For now, the only vehicle we need is the Seamoth - 2 glass and 1 titanium ingot, power cell, lubricant, and lead. You can leave the Mobile Vehicle Bay there for the rest off the game and hop into your new water zoomer. We can now go farther from the lifepod and deeper from the surface. It provides us O2 while we are down deep, and it's just plain fun to drive. You can cycle the lights using Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (14), just keep in mind that the battery runs down a little faster with them on, even if you are not in it. Don't forget to install the Seamoth depth module Mk1 and Seamoth storage module we found on the Aurora. The upgrade access panel is on the left wing of the Seamoth. We now have 16 more inventory slots and a dive capability of 300m (the yellow number next to the depth gauge when you are in a vehicle). I like to have a beacon, health kit, and spare power cell {and 1 food/water} in that storage for emergencies. If you need to swap power cells, it is on the bottom.

  • Personal Propulsion

    Build a seamoth

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We have some lifepods to check out. You likely have another message from Lifepod 7 with an inexact location. Once you get this message, stop using the radio for now. Don't worry if you haven't received these messages yet; they will come in time. Swap helmets to your rebreather, store your radiation helmet in the base, and head out to the lifepod 12 marker in the Seamoth. Along the way, you enter two new biomes. First, the Mushroom Forest. The boundaries and cliff walls here are a great site to look for raw Lithium. You should be able to find several Moonpool and Cyclops fragments too. While we are here, hop out and knife one of the mushroom pads to get a fungal spore, just for good luck. Continue towards Lifepod 12 and find your next biome, the blue Koosh Bulb Zone, take a slice of these too. For good luck and all... {also food/water}.

We only find an optional PDA with good story information in the lifepod, but it serves as a waypoint to find another wreck. Head West about 200m to find it. In the wreck are plenty of goodies. Park your Seamoth right outside the entrance and take your time opening all the doors and going through any gray vents, etc. Of note, you want to find Stasis Rifle fragments, Plant Pots, Interior Grow Beds, and databoxes containing Cyclops Sonar Upgrade and Reinforced Dive Suit blueprints. Outside the wreck you want to find Scanner Room fragments, the Exterior Grow Bed, and a databox with the Lightweight High Capacity Tank. You may see a red Ruby or two on the cliff walls here, grab them if you do. Then head back to your base to drop everything off.

Use your habitat builder to create at last 2 exterior grow beds or several (2 titanium each) on an unused portion of your base platform. We will call one the Good Luck box. Move the Koosh Bulb piece into it to have some growing nearby. The mushroom spore goes in a storage locker in the base for now. Grow beds are a great place to replicate natural resources that are helpful to have nearby. I liked to have 1-2 creepvines, an entire bed of acid mushrooms, some more plants we haven't seen yet, and some decorative pieces. Knife any plant to split it into more spores to plant. {Survivalists can start farming to their heart's content}.

Empty your inventory of all but the essentials. If you are caught up on the radio messages (up to Lifepod 7) and have one waiting, save the game, then click the radio for the message that the Sunbeam is almost here! We have 40 minutes which is plenty of time to explore a bit more of this planet before we leave. Grab your Seamoth and head to Lifepod 3; from here, turn East-SouthEast and go about 325m to a double stacked column with rocks floating around it. Follow the red grassy ridge east a few meters and over the small dropoff to find Lifepod 6 containing a piece of Lead and optional PDA inside. Outside are another optional PDA and databox for Ultra Glide Fins. About 100m North of here is another wreck with several quality of life habitat pieces, 2 databoxes for a lightweight 02 tank (which we already have) and a Vehicle Upgrade Console. You should scan your last modification station fragment here as well.

As two optional trips, we can return to Lifepod 6 and head towards Lifepod 4 which is upside down on the surface pretty much exactly 400m East-SouthEast of Lifepod 6 as promised in the PDA. It contains an optional PDA and databox for a creature decoy. Return to Lifepod 3 and head 100m East to find a wreck requiring a laser cutter in a creepvine forest. It has an optional PDA that begins the best side story in the campaign, in my opinion, through the eyes of Bart Torgal.

With about 25 minutes left until the Sunbeam arrives at its landing site, we want to head home, dump any scavenged inventory and head towards the marker. About 200m away, the ocean floor starts to rise. If you are playing on an older console, don't head in at full speed in the Seamoth. Give the cliff walls time to load so you don't permanently beach your Seamoth like I first did. The Series X|S does not have the load lag as badly, but you can still beach your craft if you aren't careful.

On the surface within a 100m or so it is quite clear that this is land! Called the Mountain Island, this biome is your first area of exploration where we don't need to worry constantly about death. {Survivalists too, grab bulbo tree slices for food/water. They can be farmed in interior grow beds and plant pots in your base}. Fitting that we would discover this as rescue is on the way. We should have plenty of time to explore before the Sunbeam arrives, but you want to be back at that site with at least 90 seconds left on the timer. Continue NorthEast for now and discover a huge Alien Facility. Scan the broken purple tablet in front, then turn around, and head up the ramp on your left to find an intact purple tablet at a fork between continuing down the natural path forward and a walkway on top of the Alien Facility. Continue forward on the natural path, following some turns, until you reach a cave system on the left. Enter, take an immediate left, go past the rock column, and take another left up the ramp to find another purple tablet. FYI: if you continue up the mountain path, you encounter another cave with an alien pedestal marking a fork. On the right is an alien arch; on the left is a great source of Lithium, Diamonds, and Gold (in shale outcrops). For now though, retrace your steps to the Alien Facility entrance and drop a purple tablet into the terminal.

  • Ancient Technologies

    Find the Enforcement Platform

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Reminder to be on the beach with 1:30 left on the countdown. You do not want to miss the Sunbeam! If you have time (about 8-ish minutes for the full facility), follow the path to the data terminal, continue down through that room, and grab the ion cube on the right. Turn around, take the hallway on the right, and continue through the building. Grab another ion cube on the left and then go up the ramp on the right. There's another data terminal on your right, then continue forward into the fancy elevator. We are now in the Alien Moonpool that can serve as another entry/exit. For now though, ignore the pool and continue through the hall on the right. On the first floor is a scannable alien fragment and another ion cube. The next hallway is a dead end with an alien arch. Continue up the ramps in the main room, grab the purple tablet on the right after the second ramp. Continue to the highest level, drop a purple tablet in, and use the alien terminal to discover we are infected (if you noticed the Self-Scan feature of the Scanner, you already knew that) and there is a weapon of some sort that the infected cannot disable. This game really piles on the bad news...

Head back down the ramps, take the doorway back to the moonpool. Dive into it and turn left to head back to the surface. By now, the Sunbeam should be close. Look NorthEast towards the Alien Facility for it to arrive. The show starts about at about 0:20.

No spoilers, but let's say some loose ends we just discovered should now be tied together.

Now let's head back up to that second Shale cave and collect as much as we can. Head back into the other cave with the alien arch and drop an ion cube in the terminal. We now have a portal to...somewhere. Before heading through, let's head back to base and drop off our inventory. I found it helpful to drop a beacon in front of the beach. If you continue from the beach into the water and down the grassy mountain ridge, you should encounter some Cyclops fragments and more importantly Gel Sacks, a green ball with bright purple nodes. Use your Seamoth storage if needed, but bring one of these back to base. We want to farm it in its own exterior grow bed. While home, craft another beacon to replace that beacon in the Seamoth if you left one on the beach.

Somewhere on the trip to or from your base, you should encounter a "message." Remember, just say no to acid mushrooms, kids. Back at the Mountain Island, let's head up to the second cave with the Alien Arch. {Survivalists should take a moment, save the game, and high dive off the mountain path that connects the 2 cave systems, into the water facing East. Proceed with caution as a Reaper Leviathan is nearby. Below is a wreck containing a databox for the stillsuit. This reclaims water from your body, just don't ask how, effectively ending your water needs. Oddly, it creates more water than you consume, so you will end up throwing away or overconsuming water just to get it out of your inventory. You can always save up water in storage and swap suits as you fill up/run out of stock. If you cannot or do not want to find it, there are other water options to discover both sooner and later}. Head through the alien portal.

We are in another alien cave. Follow the ramp on the right up to discover we are on another island, called the Floating Island. To orient yourself, you should see the back of the Aurora, our lifepod, and the beach beacon or Seamoth HUD marker at the Mountain Island. This island contains a lot of decorative plants if you'd like a sample to grow back at base. Follow the path left and you should see a manmade structure that looks a bit like our base at the top of each mountain. Follow the path up either mountain, being careful not to take fall damage. Once you reach one, it's easy to find the path to the other. There is also a third base lower in elevation between the two on the mountains. Scan every part of each of the bases you can find. The North base contains a PDA with Bart's log #3, a lantern fruit tree (great if you want a bioreactor to power your base(s)), and the only fern palm I've found in the game. If you like it for decoration, take a slice. The South base contains a PDA for the #1 Degasi habitat location {and marblemelons for food/water and Chinese potatoes, your best source of food with the stillsuit}. The middle base is West of the path connecting the two mountain bases. Outside is mostly stuff you've already seen, but scan the big multipurpose room! Inside that is Degasi #4 PDA and a purple tablet. In the top section are another battery and 2 PDAs. The final mandatory PDA on this island, Degasi #3, is on the farthest path West, directly (and several meters) under the South mountain base at the mouth of a cave. It can be a little tricky to find, but just follow the path on the edge of the island, and you should encounter it. This PDA gives us a marker for Proposed Degasi Habitat at 250m depth.

  • Seaside Living with an Ocean View

    Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (22)

    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (23)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (24)

As you've likely noticed, navigation on this island is tricky, so I just swam all the way across the map to my Seamoth rather than try to get back to the portal. With everything back at base and our stay extended on this planet, it's time to start sprucing the base up with our newly discovered items. Multipurpose Rooms take 6 titanium. They can be stacked if you want, just make sure to build a ladder on any of the 5 interior panels (4 on the edges, 1 in the middle). While it's up to you and your base wants/needs, we need to build out a few items: a moonpool with vehicle upgrade console, a modification station, and for additional power a multipurpose room. (If you haven't fulfilled the blueprint to any of these, we can get any last fragments at Degasi, our next stop). I covered the walls with wall lockers as I needed them. Watch your hull strength as you build. If needed, put some Hull Reinforcement panels up. You may need to take items off the walls first before putting in a hull reinforcement; they are finicky. If necessary, you can always stack a new MP room and put reinforcements on that, ladder optional.

The modification station can go anywhere out of the way; it needs a computer chip, titanium, diamond, and lead. Now we can start seriously upgrading our items. Move your High Capacity O2 tank to your inventory and modify it with a plasteel ingot (1 titanium ingot + 2 lithium, and may the Dune references never cease) to create the Lightweight High Capacity O2 Tank. Modify your Fins to Ultra glide fins using 2 silicone rubber, titanium, and lithium. {Craft a thermoblade, knife + battery, to kill and cook fish simultaneously}.

The Moonpool serves as the garage/recharge station for your Seamoth (and later Prawn). It needs 2 titanium ingots, 2 lead, and 1 lubricant. It takes a -5 hit to your hull integrity so add at least 1 hull reinforcement panel before building it. Build it out over the deepwater side of your base. Once complete, your PDA gives you another inane message, this time about adopting a pet. Perhaps that's something we can work on. Anyway, park the Seamoth in its new home. Next up, craft a Vehicle upgrade console (3 titanium, 1 computer chip, 1 copper wire) against one of the wall panels in the Moonpool. We can now change the Seamoth's name and color if you so choose.

That Seamoth power cell is going to need more power than your base likely makes. Bioreactors convert any organic matter into energy. In an MP room, build the bioreactor (3 titanium, 1 lubricant and wiring kit) in the center and a plant pot or two off to the side. Plant the lantern fruit as they are our best sustainable energy source. Once they grow into trees, you can add the fruit in as needed. If you need more power right now, grab some prey fish outside; seaplants are not great options but can be used in a pinch.

I also put in another hatch or two on the base (to make entry easier as I approached from different angles), plus a living area with a desk and chair to read through the PDA, a bed to skip nights when I wanted to, several windows, and other decorations from the Aurora and Floating Island. None of that is really necessary, but certainly helps to enjoy the game. Hell, throw in an Observatory or two. {If farming, you only need 1 MP room with 2-3 grow beds and some pots to maintain food/water levels comfortably, but you do you}.


Grab the Seamoth and head out the Degasi Proposed Habitat. Get right on top of the beacon and then dive down into the caves for the most direct route. Clearly things could have gone better for our newest friends. Use caution when approaching the large mushrooms; there are pink/white crabsnakes that like to jack-in-the-box you. Outside are moonpool, modification station, and power cell charger fragments. Scan any base component you may have missed, including spotlights and wall planters to kit out your own base. All but two of the PDAs in the base are optional, but they provide great insight into what's occurring on this planet so grab them all. The broken tube in front has a PDA. Watch out for the stingers when inside the base; they knock half your health out, but it pops back up fairly quickly. Heading into the broken hatch where the tube used to be attached, we find 2 more Bart PDAs on the desk and in the locker {and the water filtration machine, if you didn't find/like the stillsuit}. Across the hall in the other MP room is a databox with the Ultra High Capacity O2 tank (thankfully the last superlative for our tube of air) and another PDA (Degasi #6). Up the ladder in the hallway is another Bart PDA (mandatory) in the observatory. The last (and also mandatory) PDA is about 30 meters in front of the base on the seafloor near a pod of mushrooms.

  • Follow the Degasi

    Find the Degasi habitat in the jellyshroom caves

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    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (26)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (27)

Northwest of the Degasi base is a platform with a battery. Fill up your inventory with any shale outcrops, lithium, and magnitite you find in the cave. Return to base to finish building it out, if needed, and dump your resources. You probably noticed that the next Proposed Degasi Habitat is at 500m and our Seamoth can only go down to 300m. With our new equipment and knowledge, we can solve that problem. We need to make enameled glass, which requires Stalker Teeth and glass. Search around the Creepvine floors for short white teeth; they are difficult to see. A reminder that Stalkers drop teeth occasionally when they play with Metal Salvage; so if you find a pile with Stalkers nearby, you should be in luck. You can also drop metal salvage near a Stalker to entice it. This may take some time, and like all other resources in Subnautica, you want to develop an eye for spotting these as you swim. Remove the depth module from the Seamoth and head to your modification station. Mark 2 requires a plasteel ingot, enameled glass, and 2 magnetite. At the vehicle upgrade console, build a Hull Reinforcement module (3 titanium, 1 lithium and diamond) and an additional Storage Module (3 titanium + 1 lithium). Install all 3 modules.

It's been a while, so let's check out the radio. Lifepod 19 needs help. Before we go there, take your Seamoth back to the Lifepod 17 wreck. We found it earlier but you may have waited until you had a Seamoth to explore it. Once done (details are earlier in the walkthrough), return to lifepod 17 and head 220m SouthSouthEast to find a small wreck that requires a laser cutter. If you need battery charger fragments, here's your opportunity. You should have everything else. Now we can head towards Lifepod 19. There may be a Reaper in the brief bit of Dunes we cross so stay near the seafloor, and follow the crags of the Sparse Reef down to a deep, open canyon section. You should see plenty of rare resources here like rubies on the wall, Gel Sacks on the seafloor, Thermal Plant fragments, and a new type of flora with lots of bright yellow bulbs. It is called the Eye Stalk, and it is lucky! Knife a sample and plant it in our Good Luck box when we get home. Grab the PDAs at Lifepod 19; one is inside and the other outside. You get a new marker for the Aurora Rendezvous point on dry land, but it's the beach on the Floating Island so we can ignore it. Grab a few rubies and lithium deposits. {There are also plenty of Reginald fish here, green with a pink triangular fin. They are the best fish for food. Get your fill and grab 2 live ones}. From Lifepod 19, pop up to about 200m and head North for a few meters to discover a small wreck needing a laser cutter. Inside are a power cell charger, smaller fragments, a databox containing the Cyclops Fire Suppression System, and lots of scientific knickknacks that you can decorate with. Behind this wreck is a larger debris field and another wreck. Take your time exploring the debris as there are a lot of useful fragments. Return to base when you are finished to dump your inventory.

Now let's head for the 2nd Degasi base. You overshoot it before you can dive that deep but just continue along the seafloor until you hit a new biome, the Grand Reef, with blue balls suspended by vine. Pretty soon, you can dive straight down and end up about 150m South of Degrasi 2. Be careful not to venture too deep as this base is right at your crush depth. There is probably a crabsquid or two floating around. Watch out for their EMP attack if you are still in your Seamoth. When you leave it, park it up in the cave ceiling and make sure to turn the lights off. There's a PDA on the platform in front of the base. Inside, the bottom MP room has a databox with Swim Charge Fins and another PDA. Enter the top room through the hatch and scan the Alien Containment Tank taking up most of the room. In one observatory is another databox with a Cyclops shield generator, the other has another PDA. Head down the ladder and pick up your first creature egg. Scan then grab the orange tablet on the desk before grabbing the last PDA. The rest of the items here can be props for your base (we have encountered plenty of them already). Head South/SouthSouthEast to find your way back to the surface and head on home.

  • Seamonsters

    Find the Degasi habitat in the deep grand reef

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    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (29)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (30)

At base, when you have a free MP room (I stacked it under my living quarters for aesthetics), build an Alien Containment Tank in the middle (5 glass, 2 titanium) then build a hatch onto it. Like the MP room, it is stackable and each unit can hold 10 creatures. The floor can hold 4 plants as well. Any animal in your tank is ambivalent to you, including the predators. Prey fish can be added whenever you catch them, but the predators can only be hatched from eggs. You've likely seen several eggs already but had no purpose for them, except throwing them in the bioreactor. For now, enter the tank and drop that egg we found at Degasi 2. It should hatch in 2-3 in-game days.

Some additional notes on the Alien Containment Tank:

  • prey fish multiply if 2 or more of the same species are placed in the tank until capacity is reached. {Reginalds and Bladderfish, hint hint}.
  • If you plant a tiger stalk (the dart throwing plant), it attacks predatory fish, causing your tank and base to rupture.
  • If you remove a fish from the tank and bring it outside, it reverts to its natural instincts. If it is predatory, it attacks you and cannot be recaught. For that reason, if I remove a predator, I usually chuck it into the bioreactor. No, I don't feel bad about that.

On the way back from the Grand Reef, you should have another radio message for Lifepod 4 which you may have already visited back in the hopeful Sunbeam days. If not, there's enough information in the message to find it easily. Next up, head out NorthWest to the red Grassy Plateaus and find the very Western edge of that biome, bordering the Mushroom Forest. You should see a huge tree just NorthWest of your position with a wreck on top of it. It is in the largest tree you can find at about 120m depth. You should find both (and more) power cell charger fragments, if you haven't already completed the blueprint, and a databox with the Cyclops thermal reactor module next to an optional PDA about scanner rooms. Behind a laser cutter door is a Cyclops Bridge fragment.

Head NorthNorthWest to the Blood Kelp zone. They look like sickly pale creepvines. There are plenty of rubies and a new green crystal called Uraninite along the walls. Grab at least 3 rubies and a uraninite or two if you see them, but our main goal is to collect 2 Blood Oils (the red orbs at the bottom of each kelp) and some Deep Shrooms (below 250m). We want to farm both of these in their own grow beds when we get back to base. You probably also see plenty of bright green harp-looking plants called Ghost Weeds. These are also lucky! Grab a slice for our Good Luck box.

Head EastNorthEast from here to the Floating Islands. Once you have the cliff on your right hand side, follow it East, pointing directly at Lifepod 12 (way off in the distance). At about 1350m away from it, at about 180m depth, you should see a wreck straddling two underwater floating islands. Park your Seamoth in the wreckage to protect it from the Bonesharks. Outside is a Cyclops Engine fragment and both Prawn suit drill arm fragments. Inside are both Prawn suit grappling arm fragments. Behind a locked door is an optional data terminal. Return to base to dump your inventory, tend to your farm, and cuddle with your new fish.

Grab your cuddlefish (I called him Tater) and take him outside. If you want to keep it in your tank, save now then reload after we get the achievement. Drop him from your inventory outside and now you can instruct it to stay put or follow you around Pikachu-style (until you encounter a predator; then it will run away, and you may not be able to find it), plus it even does tricks! I told him to stay around the base.

  • "Man's Best Friend"

    Hatch and release a Cuddlefish

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    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (32)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (33)

The Deep Zones

Time to start pushing the limitations of our equipment. Remove your depth module from your Seamoth and upgrade it to Mk3 at the modification station with a plasteel ingot and 3 rubies to reach 900m. Craft a perimeter defense system for your Seamoth (wiring kit and polyaniline - gold + hydrochloric acid (3 deep shrooms + salt)). Remove your O2 tank and craft the Ultra High Capacity tank. You likely have another mostly silly radio message telling us the code to the captain's quarters is 2679. If you haven't yet been there, you can go now or save it until the end. Either way, the instructions are in the spoiler area of the Aurora section above. Recharge your batteries and throw some spares into your Seamoth storage. Grab your orange and purple tablets too.

Leave your base for the Degasi 1 marker but do not descend into the cave. Remain on the seafloor and follow that border between the red Grassy Plateau and the Creepvine Forest roughly Southwest towards the Degasi 2 marker. On the left you encounter a notch that takes us deeper in towards the Grand Reef, follow it South-SouthEast until you encounter a wreck at 250m. Outside are a databox for the Cyclops Depth module mk1, some remaining thermal plant fragments, and other fragments for which we should already have the blueprints. Inside is a databox with Cyclops Docking Bay Repair module and an optional PDA, among other fragments we don't need.

Continue deeper to Degasi 2. Once there, turn North-Northwest and go deeper still to the Lost River. The green brine below damages you but not vehicles. It has some good resources for your soon-to-be-built Prawn suit to dig into. Continue to the fork and turn West until you encounter a giant skull. Continue past it to a room which requires an orange tablet to enter. Inside, grab the data download, ion cubes, and another cuddlefish egg! When we hatch this one, I will call him Tot (yep, Tater and Tot). Keep an eye out for a new resource called Nickel Ore, a small lumpy grayish-brown rock that looks a lot like a smaller Limestone outcrop. Collect as much as you can down here.

Return to the fork and turn left, heading NorthEast. As you reach the next dropoff, watch out the newest Leviathan class we encounter, the juvenile Ghost Leviathan. Don't let the juvenile term cause any relaxation, that thing will mess you and your vehicle up. Hide in the newest skull if you need to. Continue North past its territory and you can do some resource gathering down the next dropoff. You may see Crystalline Sulfur on the brine border. Grab as much of that as you can safely find.

Keep heading North until you encounter 3 narrow brine waterfalls surrounding a Sea Dragon Leviathan skeleton. From here, turn East and arrive at the Alien Research Facility. Park your Seamoth in the flooded airlock room. Grab the ion cube on the right. Further down on the right, drop a purple tablet to enter the data terminal room, grab that info, turn around, and grab the next ion cube across the room. Turn left and continue down the hall. In this room, scan the egg which should give you

  • Find the Lost River

    Find the Disease Research Facility

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (34)

    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (35)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (36)

Scan anything else interesting in this room, then turn right for another data terminal. Turn around for another ion cube. From there, turn left through the window to explore the observation room. Scan anything interesting and continue back through the broken window. On the left is the Warper room. You've likely seen these nasties before but here's an explanation of how they came to be. Grab the data terminal and self-scan to discover something interesting about yourself. That's all for this site.

This is just about as far as our Seamoth can take us so once your inventory is full, we can retrace our steps back out or we can continue East past the Alien Research Facility for another Lost River entry/exit. Either way, we need to pass a Ghost Leviathan. This path returns you to the koosh bulb zone about 350m North of Lifepod 12. It is probably the best way to take your Cyclops down here.

Speaking of which... Once home, get ready to start blowing though your resources and returning to several biomes to gather more.

Hopefully, you've found all 9 Cyclops fragments. If not, there is a helpful massive wreck in the Sparse Reef at 175m depth, about 600m directly Northwest of the Aurora Rendezvous Point. Also doublecheck all the places I've tried to point out or check out the Subnautica wiki for the best locations of whatever you are missing. I know you have the Prawn blueprints and have been itching to build it. You craft both at the Mobile Vehicle Bay, but make sure it is pointed over deep water! The Prawn needs 2 plasteels, 2 Aerogels (gel sack + ruby), 2 diamonds, 2 lead, and 1 enameled glass. Move it out of the way then craft the Cyclops which needs 3 plasteels, 3 enameled glass, 3 lead, 1 lubricant, and 1 advanced wiring kit (wiring kit + 2 gold + computer chip). Told you they'd need a ton of resources.

  • Ordered the Prawn

    Build a prawn suit

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  • 40-foot Sub For One

    Build a cyclops

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (40)

    1 guideGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (41)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (42)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (43)

Several notes about these vehicles:

  • Take your time driving the Cyclops. Be judicious in your speed and familiarize yourself with the cameras and other HUD items. Always keep fully charged spare power cells aboard. The slower you drive, the less noise you make, thus the less attention you attract. Silent Mode and Shield really kill the battery but are necessary from time to time.
  • Turn off the engine whenever you are done piloting the Cyclops. Interior lights are fine.
  • It can hold the Seamoth or the Prawn suit, one at a time, but really the Prawn is the only useful vehicle to bring with you.
  • If you are damaged, get out the dangerous area ASAP, put out the interior fires, then fix the breaches outside. If you hear the alert to abandon ship, do so immediately. It's then too late to save the Cyclops. You can enter the debris on the seafloor to recover anything stored in the now-dead Cyclops but not the materials used to create it.
  • I covered the bottom bay in Wall Lockers two levels high for all our storage. Build (or move your base's) Fabricator and Modification Station in the Cyclops. The radio is optional.
  • {Plant 2-3 Chinese potatoes and bulbo trees each in pots around the upper level}.
  • The Prawn is a beast. We need to fit grappling and drilling arms on it for our purposes. Walk over any drilled resource to add it to the Prawn's own storage. You can grab any loose resource with an un-upgraded arm, but mostly you just need to hop out.
  • The inventory is fairly small but it can be accessed by either jumping out and looking (Seamoth style) or on the vehicle console in the Cyclops while it is docked.
  • **Be careful when docking the Prawn in the Cyclops. If you miss and the doors start their "close" sequence, do NOT try to dock until the doors are fully closed. This messes up the game, possibly throwing your Prawn suit into the atmosphere. I recommend saving each time before you attempt to dock your Prawn.**
  • The drill can be used defensively against most predatory interest.
  • Honestly the torpedo systems for all 3 vehicles are fairly useless and not worth the time or effort.

Before we can head down deep though, we need to craft enhanced modules for both vehicles: the Cyclops's upgraded module and the Prawn's drill and grappling arms. We need to get deeper for our final depth modules. Details are in your PDA. Head into the Cyclops and upstairs on the left of the engine is the Cyclops Upgrade Fabricator. Use it to craft the depth module mk1 (plasteel + 3 rubies), the shield generator (advanced wiring kit, power cell, and polyaniline). The other modules are helpful but not mission critical. Come back to them if you have the extra resources when we are done crafting. Take the depth module to the modification station and combine it with 3 nickel and 1 plasteel for Mk2. Go to your Moonpool's Vehicle modification console and craft the Grappling Arm - 5 titanium, 1 advanced wiring kit, lithium, and benzene (3 blood oil); the Drill Arm - 5 titanium, 4 diamond, 1 lithium; the Prawn Suit Jump Jet upgrade - 5 titanium, 3 crystalline sulfur, 2 nickel, 1 lithium; and finally the Prawn Depth Module Mk1 - 1 plasteel, 3 nickel, 2 ruby. Grab that Cyclops power efficiency module we found onboard the Aurora. It hopefully is somewhere hidden in your base storage. Install all your modules in their respective slots, the Cyclops's is on the right side of the engine, the Prawn's is on its left shoulder (or Cyclops console if docked). Lastly, if you haven't already, we need to fabricate the Reinforced Dive Suit requiring 2 diamond, 2 titanium, and 1 synthetic fiber - benzene + fiber mesh.

I know that's a frustratingly large amount of resources. However, before we head out, take a look at your PDA's blueprints tab. We still need to craft several items that we haven't found resources for yet. Start to gather resources while we are here at the surface and have the speed of the Seamoth and the benefit of our grow beds. Trust me, you don't want to get down to the depths we are going in the slow Cyclops and Prawn suit and realize that you need surface items. Start making some extra components, especially polyaniline, benzene, and computer chips. Move much of your stored resources into the Cyclops. It's going to take a while. Park your Cyclops as close to your hatch as you can and completely empty your inventory to make fewer trips. Make sure to grab any alien cubes or tablets.

A bare minimum of items to bring:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Before you head out, you likely have a couple messages on your radio. One from Lifepod 2, at the third entrance to the Lost River. It has an optional PDA but the entire site is optional. The natural scenery makes it very difficult to maneuver the Cyclops and avoid the Ghost Leviathan. Another message from a warper reporting that there is one remaining target unaccounted for. Yeah...that's you. If you haven't dealt with a Warper before, they are those blue caped preying mantis creatures that can warp you out of small vehicles (strafe and retreat immediately if they do), and can warp in other creatures to make your life difficult. Avoid their melee and bubble shot attacks. After about 45-60 seconds, they usually warp themselves away along with any other predators they brought in.

Whenever you are ready, dock your Prawn in the Cyclops, say goodbye to Tater and Tot (just for now) and head for any of the 3 entrances to the Lost River that we've found. Again, I recommend the koosh bulb zone. I prefer to use the keel camera on the way down and the conning tower camera on the way up, bouncing between the keel and conning tower cameras as things get tight. When you near the Ghost Leviathan areas, make sure to drop to low engine speed and activate silent running on the right. The Ghost can bump into you accidentally but doesn't notice you. Once clear of its territory, turn off Silent Running to save your battery. Continue on to the brine waterfalls and skeleton area, and then head West-NorthWest into the Tree Cove, the most beautiful of the biomes. There are no predators, but this is the nearly functional limit of our equipment for now. There are plenty of resources in the blue (safe) underlayer.

Take the Prawn out and continue into the Inactive Lava Zone. Get used to its controls and head down to about 1250-1300m. The warper attacks are going to increase here, and you are going to pick up some Lava Larva. They leech your power so hop out and knife them to get them off. Later in the Cyclops, tapping the shield generator on and off removes them from the sub without draining power. Try to avoid the bright red magma on the ground as it damages you. Look for neon blue nodes of Kyanite. We need to drill at least 6 kyanite. It takes a while to drill each node, but each node gives 3-8 pieces. Start grappling/jumpboosting back to the Cyclops.

Save the game, then dock the Prawn. Get your kyanite out of the Prawn and grab a plasteel ingot. Quickly now, remove the depth module from the Cyclops, run to your modification station, upgrade the depth module to Mk3, and run back to the Cyclops module station to reinstall it. If you did it quickly, you won't take crush damage. Too long, and let's hope you saved when I told you to. Anything in between can be repaired. Next up, the final depth module for the Prawn (Mark 2 because reasons) needs 5 titanium, 2 lithium, and 3 kyanite. As long as it's docked, there's no need to rush for that one.

Take control of the Cyclops again and head back down into the Inactive Lava Zone. Keep an eye out for more kyanite, pulling the Prawn back into service as needed. When you get 4 more pieces, craft the Cyclops thermal reactor module to recharge your batteries as we move through the warm lava zones. Push on to arrive at a craggy mountain (you should see a Reaper skeleton on the ground just before it) and a Sea Dragon Leviathan patrolling around it. Leave your Cyclops a little ways back and take the Prawn (with 2 purple tablets and a beacon) up the mountain. If you need an extra purple tablet, you can craft one using an Ion cube and 2 diamonds. If you have 4 nickels handy, craft another 2 orange tablets. There is plenty of nickel around this area if you need some more. You approach more or less from the East. There are two entrances at about 1180m on the North and South side. They are outlined in a dull faintly luminescent green. When you find an entrance, drop a beacon as it can be difficult to find again. Continue through the cave, you should find more kyanite on the way.

Hop up on the Alien Thermal Plan, and use either East or West entrance. Drill the ion cubes you find inside and drop one in the archway for a path back to the mystery archway in the Alien Enforcement Facility on the Mountain Island, if needed. Enter the purple tablet door, then scan and grab the blue tablet. You should receive another acid mushroom trip soon. Finally, at the bottom of the ramp is another purple tablet door and ion cube. Grab the green and orange data downloads. We can now craft ion batteries which quintuples our battery reserves. Recipes are on your PDA and Fabricator.

  • Thermal Activity

    Find the Thermal Plant

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Head back out of the North gate towards the Cyclops. As you re-emerge from the cave, look NorthEast and down to see a red lava waterfall descending into the abyss. Guess where we are headed? That's right! Get back in your Cyclops, and proceed slowly and carefully to the left (Northeast) past the Sea Dragon. Keep low speed and silent running on until we head up again. Look for that abyssal lavafall on the keel camera, and follow it straight down. If the Sea Dragon attacks you, get down as quickly as possible without regard for noise. He won't chase you. This Active Lava Zone is a wonderful source of crystalline sulfur.

Trip through another "message" and head SouthEast towards the Primary Containment Facility. Watch out for another Sea Dragon. Park the sub near the entrance but out of the Sea Dragon's patrol. Definitely turn off the engine when you leave. Craft a blue tablet using 2 kyanite and 1 ion cube. You should have 2 blue tablets in your inventory now. Head through the blue tablet door and up the ramp.

  • Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

    Find the Primary Containment Facility

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Inside is an eternal source of ion cubes that you can drill. Check out the side rooms and the ramp above you for some story downloads and plenty of scannable items, but there's no need yet to open these 4 arch portals. When you are ready, enter the next blue tablet door and find...more water yay!

Dive in and meet the only friend you've had on this planet. Follow it down and let your PDA do some explaining. While it does that, search around the lower caves for some Sea Crown plants (bluish green plants with yellow tips that form a fan). You guessed it! These are lucky too! Take a slice and briefly return to where you first met your friend to top up on air. Head to the eggs in the Northeast side of the room. Scan them and pop an ion cube in the terminal in front of them. The Sea Emperor explains what needs to occur and clears the Aquarium Arch. Open the portal and head through to end up below the Alien Enforcement Facility. Pop to the surface and swim back to your base.


Say hi to Tater and Tot, then take a look at your PDA to see what is needed to hatch these eggs. You might have noticed that these are our Good Luck plants! You lucky dog you! Grab a slice of the other 3 and find wherever you buried that fungal spore (from the Mushroom Forest). If you chose not to embrace the Good Luck box, the portals in the side rooms (that we didn't bother with) take you to the respective biomes. Consider those portals the doors of bad luck and shame. Fabricate your hatching enzymes, and return to portal under the Alien Enforcement Facility. If you can't find it, just follow the alien cables from the surface. It's on top of the third box on your way down.

Head down to the terminal among the eggs and insert the hatching enzymes. Wrap up the story to release the kharaa cure upon the world. You should notice some beige floating balls. Interact with one to cure yourself.

  • Optimal Health

    Cure the infection

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (52)

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Head back through the portal to find more (very-) juvenile Sea Dragon floating farts, and head into the Alien Enforcement Facility's moonpool. Continue forward and up the next ramps to the stabby disease inspector. Interact with it to disable the facility. We can now get off this planet! The Cyclops and Prawn are optional now, but depending on how much of your resources are stored in it, you may want to retrace your steps back up to the surface. Be just as careful, the only difference now is the Warpers no longer attack you. You can always return to the Cylops through the portal, if you prefer. Either way, the choice is yours. This next part is our final resource drain.

If you haven't already, go to the Captain's Quarters in the Aurora. When you have 2 titanium ingots, 4 lead, and 1 computer chip, head back to your floating Mobile Vehicle Bay and craft the Neptune Launch Platform. Jump up on the platform and head to its fabricator to build the rocket. The Gantry needs 1 plasteel ingot, copper wire, and lubricant. The Booster then needs 3 nickel, 2 aerogel, 1 plasteel, and 1 wiring kit. The next piece, the Fuel Reserve, needs 4 crystalline sulfur and kyanite, 2 ion power cells, and 1 plasteel. Lastly, craft the co*ckpit - 1 plasteel, enameled glass, computer chip, and Cyclops shield generator. You can steal that module off the Cyclops rather than crafting another in your Cyclops module fabricator, your call.

Save now. Some interactions with the rocket are a little glitchy, especially exiting back through the door. If you would like to come back after the game to explore further, this is the best save to use.

Say your last goodbye to Tater and Tot, take the gantry elevator up, enter the rocket, and throw the 3 switches on the first floor (ignore the storage units). Climb the ladder and activate the life support and CPU. To prepare your time capsule, I like to help out fellow gamers, so I threw 4 ion batteries and 2 ion power cells in the inventory, added a screenshot (press Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (56)) of Tater and Tot, with their names as the Title and a message of "best served with ketchup." Let them figure that one out. Make sure "submit on rocket launch" is ticked.

When you are ready to leave, interact with the chair to launch the rocket and escape Subnautica.

  • Leave Only Time Capsules

    Create and deploy a time capsule

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (57)

    2 guidesGuide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (58)Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (59)

  • Go Among the Stars

    Launch the neptune rocket

    Guide for Subnautica - Full Story Walkthrough (60)

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Congratulations on your latest 1000G! I hope you enjoyed the game. Feel free to explore more, as we went for the quickest path through the game. Your PDA should have plenty of pointers on what to look for but there is even more out there to discover.

4. Archived: Console Commands2. General hints and tips

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