Prayer Points During Fasting And Praying - Prayer Points (2024)

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Prayer Points During Fasting And Praying - Prayer Points (1)

Powerful Prayer Points During Fasting And Praying

Prayer Points During Fasting And Praying are as follows



TEXT : 1 Chron. 16: 8,34, Psalms 6:5; Psa.18:49; Eph.1:16; 2 Thes.2:13

Give thanks unto the Lord for the gift of life
Thank God for His unfailing love towards you and your family
Thank God for all the mercies He has shown you and your household
Thank for being amongst His chosen
Thank God for all His faithfulness towards His church, the RCCG and especially Rivers Province 3
Thank God for all His good deeds in our midst
Thank God for the unity of Nigeria
Thank God for all the prayers He has answered the ones He is attending to now and those He is yet to answer
Thank God for Daddy G.O. and Mummy G.O.
Thank God for those at various levels of authorities both in the Church and Nigeria
Thank God for His miracles, signs and wonders



TEXT : Exo. 18:21, Deut. 14:23; 17:19; Jos. 24:14, Ps. 89:7; Eccl. 1 2:13

Father, teach us to fear you at all times in Jesus mighty name
Father, as I begin to fear you, grant me long life to serve in good health in Jesus name
Father, give us grace to fear you always in Jesus name
Father, please separate me from those that will not fear you in Jesus name
Father, help us to fear you that we may serve you in sincerity and in truth in Jesus name
Father, as we begin to fear you, release unto us and uncommon wisdom for exploits in Jesus name
Father, as we begin to fear you deliver us from all troubles in Jesus name
Father, let your fear overtake all the enemies of your church in Jesus name
Father, let your fear consume /cage the enemies of Nigeria
Father, please help us to walk in your fear all the days of our lives in the Mighty name of Jesus
Father, don’t let your fear ever depart from my heart in Jesus name



TEXT : Isa. 1:19; Job 36:11; Rom.1:5; Rom.5:19

Father, give me grace to obey you willingly without been forced in Jesus name
Father, remove every spirit of disobedience in my life permanently in Jesus name
Father, help me to walk in obedience so that I will be partaker of the good of the land according to your promise.
Father, in the name of Jesus, I decree, any power pushing me into disobedience die now
Father, let loose the spirit of obedience over your church
Father, despite all the happenings around us, help us to be obedient to the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ
By the obedience of Jesus Christ on the cross, let many come to the righteousness of God in Jesus
Father, from today I refuse to obey every satanic instructions in Jesus name.
Father, let every habitation of the spirit of disobedience in your church be made desolate
Father, teach me total obedience in you in the Mighty name of Jesus



TEXT : 2 Kings 2:19; 2 Kings 7:1-20

Thank you father for Nigeria, the land, the people, the natural resources and the economy
Father, we commit the economy of Nigeria into your hand, let the tide turn positively for our economy in Jesus Mighty name
Father, whatever and whoever you need to uproot for the economy of Nigeria to experience positive change, uproot in the Mighty name of Jesus
O Lord, please have mercy upon Nigeria for all the wastages and trouble that led our economy into this state in Jesus name
Father, every departed glory of Nigeria we declare begin to return in the name of Jesus
Father, please heal the economy of Nigeria in Jesus name
Father uproot every bitterness in the economy of Nigeria, and let your river of sweetness begin to flow into our economy in Jesus name
Father, you restore the glory and economy of the land of Samaria, kindly restore the glory and economy of our Country-Nigeria in Jesus name
Father, overwhelm all our leaders in various aspect of the economy with your fear in Jesus name
O Lord, by your Spirit, cause all our leaders to do the right thing in the mighty name of Jesus
Father, please put an end to every destructive acts that is ongoing in the Niger-Delta and every other part of Nigeria in Jesus name.
Father, by your mighty hand, uproot every destructive spirit that has taken over the oil industry in Jesus name
Father, bring peace to every region of this Country in Jesus name
Father, cause our economy to blossom again in the Mighty name of Jesus



TEXT : Mark 4:35-41; Exo. 10:19; Eph. 6:1-4

Father thank you for our families.
Father, calm every sudden storm that have risen against our families in Jesus name
Every evil wind that want to sink the ship of our families, O God, let your very strong west wind blow it away in Jesus name
Father, any family at the verge of collapse,Father step in for complete restoration of peace in Jesus name
By the covenant of the blood of Jesus, Satan you have no room for any of your acts in my family in Jesus name
Father, any family that have been demonically caged, fire of the Holy Ghost set them free now in Jesus name
Father, make my family what you want it to be in Jesus name
Father, I expel by fire, spirit of poverty and wretchedness that is lurking in my family in Jesus name
You spirit of misunderstanding that want to scatter my family, I expel you today in Jesus name
Father, intervene in every home waiting for the fruit of the womb and put laughter in their mouth in Jesus name
Father, as many family that have wayward children , turn the situation around to your own glory in Jesus name



TEXT : Isa. 45; Psa.70; Psa. 74

Thank you father for the life you give and for my salvation
Father, divinely intervene in my case
Father, where enemies have said there is no way,kindly make a way for me in Jesus name
Father, please give me urgent help that will settle me in comfort and prosperity in Jesus name
Father, any evil sign that is making me loose my miracle, destroy by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name
Father, one help that is more than a thousand help,send to me in this season in Jesus name
Father, give a help that will wipe out my tears completely in Jesus name
Father, please help my spiritual life, let me have a constant fellowship with you in Jesus name
Father, I receive the ability to live holy in Jesus name
Everything that sin had destroyed in my life, father, rebuild them for me in Jesus name
Father, I refuse to be enroll in the school of suffering in Jesus name
Father, any satanic agenda to stop my destiny midway scatter and destroy in Jesus name
Father, please arise for me, take over my battle and give me victory on every side in Jesus name
Every set back arising from my foundation, o Lord, terminate it in Jesus name
Father, let the blood of Jesus cut off the sins of my ancestors and its repercussion from my life that I may fulfill your purpose for my life in Jesus name
Father, I hand over my work unto you, bless me indeed for your own glory in Jesus name
Father, just as you divinely intervene in the life of Obededom and broke the shackles of poverty in his life, intervene in my own case in Jesus name



TEXT : Acts 1:4, 40

Father, let there be fresh baptism of fire for revival in our Rivers Province 3
Father, let the fear that will make sinners to have genuine godly sorrow be released now over your church in Jesus mighty name
Father, give us your fresh fire, spiritual gift that will accelerate the doubling project of Rivers Province 3 in Jesus name
Father, anywhere your church, RCCG Rivers 3, Parishes, Areas and Zones have been suffering leakage, let the blood of Jesus Christ seal it up in Jesus name
Every anti doubling attitude of our workers, let it give way now in the mighty name of Jesus
Every and any anti progress altar working against our doubling project in our parishes, crumble and scatter in Jesus name
Father, you the God of multiplication, increase us geometrically in the mighty name of Jesus
Father, please give us new strategies that will bring explosion and great harvest of souls to your churches in Jesus name
Father, let our souls be knitted together for the progress of your church in Jesus name



TEXT : Num. 6:24-26; Deut. 31:6; 2 Pet. 3:18; I Sam 2:17-18

Just like the children of Eli could not convert Samuel to their evil ways, my children are hereby empowered by the Holy Spirit to resist evil in Jesus name
Psa 144:12, O God, let my children grow up in you and be divinely polished and refined in Jesus name
Daniel 5:11, Spirit of wisdom and understanding, come upon my children afresh from today in Jesus name
Psa. 119:99, My children, you shall have more understanding than your teachers and classmates in Jesus Chris name
1 Kings 18:46, O God, let my children enjoy speedy progress in every area of their lives
Deut. 28:2, My children are divinely insulated from every spirit of sluggishness and backwardness in Jesus name
Gen. 12:2, I prophecy that the life of my children shall be full of grace and glory in Jesus name



Proverbs 3:11-14, Proverbs 18:24, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 27:10, Ecc. 4:9-10, Act 20:35, Psalm 119:63, Psalms 139:13-16, 1 John 1:3-7, Jer 29:11, 2Cor 5:20, Rom 8:28-29, 1Timothy 4:12, Rom 12:1-2, Psalm 24:4.

Father, help our Teenagers to take corrections in Jesus name
Father, help our Teenagers to seek and find wisdom in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers to gather understanding in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers in their choice of friends making in Jesus name.
Father, separate our Teenagers from every destructive friend in Jesus name.
Father, open the eyes of our Teenagers to see the good qualities of the friend around them in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers not to fall into the trap of deceitful friends in Jesus name.
Father, show our Teenagers the way and how to work hard in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers to remember and have your word in their heart in Jesus name.
Father, let our Teenagers thirst and hunger to fellowship more with you in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers to walk in your Light in Jesus name.
Father, let our Teenagers fulfill their purpose and destiny in life in Jesus name.
Father, let every of your plans over the life of our Teenagers come to manifestation in Jesus name.
Father, teach our Teenagers how to reconcile to you in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers to be a good example to unbelievers and even believers in word, characters, spirit, conversation etc. in Jesus name.
Father purifies our Teenagers in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers not to conform to the things of the world in Jesus name.
Father, the spirit to transform through the renewing of mind, gives to our Teenagers in Jesus name.
Father, help our Teenagers to work and do that which is your perfect will in Jesus name.
Father, do total cleaning of heart, mind, soul and spirit for every of our Teenagers in Jesus name.

DAY 10


Isa 61:22, 2Tim 2:20-22, Eze 37:1-4, Isa. 43:19, Isa. 40:30-31, Matt 6:33, Isa. 40:8, Philip 3:10, Prov. 16:5, Isa. 60:1, 1cor. 3:9b, John 15:7, Psalm 103:5, Jer. 3:25, 1chr. 4:9-10, 2cor. 4:7, Ecc. 12:1

Father, enlarge my coast and give me a new name spiritually, physically, academically etc.
My Father, I pray you remove every spirit of pride in me.
God’s plan for my life as a youth will not vanished and it will be fulfilled in Jesus name.
Let the glory of the Lord shine over my life henceforth.
Father, give me the grace to know you to be in you and remain in you.
Lord, empower me; give me your strength the more in Jesus name.
Father help me to seek you daily above all worldly things.
As a vessel oh Lord makes me an acceptable vessel to honour in your presence.
Every evil forces waiting for the day of my manifestation should be destroyed by the fire of the Lord.
Father, everyone waiting to put me in the pit in other not to excel, father disgrace them.
Father singles me out for greatness.
Father, every power that want to enslave me burn them to ashes.
Father oppresses every oppressor of my life.
Father removes every veil covering me, that has been parenting me from my benefactor and burn them to ashes.
Father every strong man in charge of my destiny, lose your hold and die.
Father, let every dryness in my life, be revived.
Father cause new things to spring forth in my life in Jesus name.
Father, let my soul pant for you.
Father, renew me as youth.
Father, help me to obey your word even as a youth.
Father, I pray as a youth for enlargement . Enlarge my coast and give me a new name.
Father, the treasure that you’ve deposited in me, let it show forth.
Father, help me with the grace to remember you even as a youth.

DAY 11


Text: 1cor. 9:16, Lk 1: 37, Jer 32:27

Thank you Lord for the salvation of my soul, my wife, children and members of our congregation.
Oh Lord my father, as many as our members that are yet to genuinely surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, give them no rest till they completely surrender in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father gives us passion for lost souls in Jesus name.
Father, we commit all our workers into your hand give them burden for your work especially burden for soul winning in Jesus name.
Oh Lord, give us abiding souls in our various parishes in the mighty name of Jesus.
Oh Lord, put fire in the bones of all workers that they may not have rest until they win souls for you in Jesus name.
Father, please give us strategies for soul winning in the name of Jesus.
Oh God of all flesh, nothing is too hard for you, our doubling project is in your hand, let all our efforts bring forth abundantly in Jesus name.
Father over whelm us with the spirit of obedience that we may not lose focus of the great commission in Jesus name.
Father, revive your work in all our parishes in Jesus name.
Oh God, every adversary of soul winning in our lives, in our churches, crush them totally in Jesus name.
Father, satanic barriers to soul winning in our churches break into piece into piece in Jesus name.
Father, we receive the nets to catch souls abundantly in the name of Jesus
Oh God, give our workers understanding how precious it is to win souls for you in Jesus name.

DAY 12


Text: Gen1:28, Ps 92:12-14, Gen 9:1-7, Gen 17:6, Gen 28:3, Gen 48:4, Gen 35:11. Mark 4:19, Isa 32:15, Jer 23:3, Gen 48:4, Ex 1:7, Col 1:10.

Father, thank you for your commandment to be fruitful.
Father, deliver me from the care of this world that want to make me fruitless in Jesus name.
Oh God, please let me be fruitful in every good work.
Father, make us fruitful and multiply in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, make my understanding fruitful in the mighty name of Jesus.
Oh God, make us fruitful and increase us exceedingly and multiply us in the name of Jesus.
Father pours your spirit upon us and makes us fruitful exceedingly.
Father, please turn my barren land to fruitful land in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father Lord, fulfill your word in Ps 128:3 that my wife shall be like a fruitful vine by the sides of my house, my children like olive plants round about my table.
Father, whatsoever is responsible for barrenness in my life, for your name sake, destroy it and give me victory over barrenness in Jesus name.
Father, please don’t let my fruitful land become barren in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, make my soul, body and spirit fruitful in Jesus mighty name
I decree in the name of Jesus, every power fighting my fruitfulness, die.
Father, make us fruitful in your work in Jesus name.
Every curse that is destroying my fruit, by the blood of Jesus, I destroy you totally in Jesus name.
Agenda of fruitlessness in my life catch fire in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, uproot and burn to ashes tree of fruitless efforts in my life in Jesus name.

DAY 13


Text: Prov 29:2, 1 Tim @:12

Thank God for keeping Nigeria together despite all that is happening.
Thank God for the government of Nigeria.
Oh God, help Nigeria government to overcome the present economic doldrums and wantons destruction in Jesus name.
Nigeria, hear the word of the Lord, irrespective of what you are going through now, you will survive in Jesus mighty name.
Father, give our President the wisdom that will take Nigeria out of the present challenges and make her to come out stronger in Jesus name.
Father, separate totally all ahitophelic counselors and their counsel from the President in Jesus name.
Father, rain your hail and brimstone over the strongman that is set over Nigeria in Jesus name.
Father, in the name of Jesus, all authorities that are not of God in charge of the economy of Nigeria, destroys them in Jesus name.
Agenda of disintegration over Nigeria, fail woefully in Jesus name.
Father, we are tired of bloodletting in Nigeria. Let every killing and forms of destruction come to an end immediately in the name of Jesus.
Father, send help to the President and his team to be able to turn around the economy of Nigeria for better in Jesus name.
Oh Lord, we decree that every agenda of the spirit of the bond woman in Nigeria be destroyed completely in Jesus name.
Father, please don’t let the President lose control/grip of the government of Nigeria in Jesus name.
Oh God, our legislators are in your hand, create your fear in them, for them to formulate the right laws for the advancement of governance in Nigeria.
Father, all that are working contrary to your agenda for Nigeria, show to them what makes you to be God that need to be feared in Jesus name.
Oh God heal Nigeria of every injury she has sustained over the years in Jesus mighty name.
Oh God, give the President and his team the boldness to tackle the challenges confronting Nigeria.
Father, visit the power sector and deliver us from perpetual darkness in Jesus name.
We commit local government administration into your hand Oh God; don’t let it collapse in Jesus name.
Father, help our legislators to implement laws that would impact positively on the masses of this country in Jesus name.
Father let there be harmonious working relationship in all the arms of government of Nigeria.
Father supports our armed forces and other paramilitary to conquer the war on terrorism and other social vices.
Father please help us to put an end to the spate of kidnapping all over Nigeria.

DAY 14


Text: 1 Tim 2: 1-2

Thank God for the Government of Rivers State.
Father, let there be peace in Rivers State.
Father, guide the Governor and his Deputy in your spirit in Jesus name.
Oh God, give the Governor and his cabinet members wisdom to lead the state to the promise land.
Father, let them govern the state in your fear in the mighty name of Jesus.
Father, arrest every act of vandalism of government properties in the state.
Oh God, please put an end to cultism in the state and locate every cult members with your salvation.


Don’t forget to drop your comments below if you found these prayer points during fasting and praying helpful. Thanks and God bless you.


Prayer Points During Fasting And Praying - Prayer Points (2024)


What do you pray for during prayer and fasting? ›

Meditate on the attributes of God, His love, sovereignty, power, wisdom, faithfulness, grace, compassion, and others (Psalm 48:9,10; 103:1-8, 11-13). Begin your time of fasting and prayer with an expectant heart (Hebrews 11:6).

What is the best prayer when fasting? ›

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You, Lord, with a humble heart and ask You to strengthen me for this battle. Show me what I need to fast, and reveal to me what I need to do before I undertake this time of fasting and prayer. Give me the wisdom and strength to overcome fear of this situation.

What to read when fasting and praying? ›

Fasting for Holy Spirit Guidance

I ask for Your call and purpose in my life to be made clear. Remove any and all confusion. I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to me and guide me as I journey on. Remind me Lord, that You have called your church the set apart ones and I am part of that.

What are the points of fasting? ›

The purposes of fasting include:
  • Developing spiritual strength, including resisting temptation.
  • Developing self-mastery, making our spirits masters of our bodies.
  • Showing humility.
  • Showing sorrow.
  • Enhancing prayer.
  • Obtaining spiritual knowledge and testimony.
  • Obtaining spiritual guidance.
  • Helping the needy.

What verses to read when fasting? ›

35 Helpful Bible Verses for Fasting
  • John 6:35. Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. ...
  • Luke 5:33-35. ...
  • Galatians 5:16. ...
  • Matthew 6:16-18. ...
  • Zechariah 7:4-5. ...
  • Matthew 9:14-15. ...
  • Psalms 35:13-14. ...
  • Daniel 9:2-5.
Jul 5, 2022

What Psalms to read when fasting? ›

Fasting is a way to humble yourself in the sight of God (Psalm 35:13; Ezra 8:21). King David said, “I humbled my soul with fasting” (Psalm 69:10). You may find yourself relying on God more fully for strength when you fast.

How can I connect with God while fasting? ›

Read His Word and pray during what were mealtimes. Meditate on Him when you awake in the night. Sing praises to Him whenever you please. Focus on your Heavenly Father and make every act one of praise and worship.

What should you not do while fasting? ›

What Not to Do When Fasting Intermittently

What are the 3 types of fasting? ›

There are three main types of fasts: calorie restriction, nutrient restriction, and seasonal eating.

What are the 4 types of fasting? ›

Four Basic Types of Fasts
  • Full Fast: Drink only water.
  • Liquid Fast: Drink only fruit juice or broth.
  • The Daniel Fast: Eat no meat, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables. See Daniel 10:2-3 (See more extensive information).
  • Partial Fasts:

Can you sleep while fasting for God? ›

Avoid sleeping

During fasting as the body is devoid of salts, and enough food, it is likely for one to feel sleepy and tired all the time. But instead of giving in to the sleepiness, it is important to stay active.

How do you start a prayer? ›

Know to whom you are speaking.

Prayer is a conversation with God, and every conversation begins by addressing the person to whom you are speaking by name. Jesus begins with “Our Father in heaven.” He focuses on a distinct person — the Heavenly Father with whom he has a personal relationship.

What breaks your fast while fasting? ›

What Breaks a Fast? Strictly speaking: any amount of calories, no matter how small, disrupts the fasting process. If you're following your intermittent fasting plan to the letter, that means no calories, whatsoever, for the entirety of your fasting window.

What is the proper way to fast? ›

Here are 10 tips to help you fast safely.
  1. Keep Fasting Periods Short. ...
  2. Eat a Small Amount on Fast Days. ...
  3. Stay Hydrated. ...
  4. Go for Walks or Meditate. ...
  5. Don't Break Fasts With a Feast. ...
  6. Stop Fasting If You Feel Unwell. ...
  7. Eat Enough Protein. ...
  8. Eat Plenty of Whole Foods on Non-Fasting Days.
Jan 2, 2019

What are the 5 stages of fasting? ›

The 5 Stages of Intermittent Fasting with the LIFE Fasting Tracker app: 1) Ketosis and heavy ketosis, 2) Autophagy, 3) Growth hormone, 4) Insulin reduction, 5) Immune cell rejuvenation!

What are the 5 pillars of fasting? ›

The five pillars – the declaration of faith (shahada), prayer (salah), alms-giving (zakat), fasting (sawm) and pilgrimage (hajj) – constitute the basic norms of Islamic practice.

What is the hardest part of fasting? ›

How You Feel: Hungry. This stage is when your body transitions into fasting mode and, for many people, it's the most challenging part of their fast. This stage is where you start to feel the hunger pangs as you skip your regular mealtime routine. Most first time fasters start to feel a reduction in their energy levels.

How many hours a day should you fast? ›

A person needs to decide on and adhere to a 12-hour fasting window every day. According to some researchers, fasting for 10–16 hours can cause the body to turn its fat stores into energy, which releases ketones into the bloodstream. This should encourage weight loss.

How do you fast and pray according to the Bible? ›

First and foremost, engaging in a day of pray and fasting is a matter the heart. The Scriptures do not prescribe precisely what we are to do and say. As James put it, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded” (James 4:8).

How long should I be fasting for? ›

For many people, somewhere between 14 and 18 hours of fasting per day is the ideal range, providing more significant weight loss benefits than a 12-hour fast, while still being attainable, says functional practitioner B.J. Hardick, D.C.

How many days should you fast for? ›

There is no set time that water fasting should last for, but medical advice generally suggests anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days as the maximum time to go without food. Throughout history, people have undertaken fasts for spiritual or religious reasons.

What happens when you fast for 3 days? ›

72+ hours. Once you've been fasting for three days or more, your body enters a deep state of ketosis. All the previous benefits: Autophagy, the uptick in the production of beneficial chemicals and hormones, fat loss, and mental clarity continue to increase.

What are the spiritual effects of fasting? ›

St. Augustine said, “Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one's flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, [and] scatters the clouds of concupiscence” (Richards, 4).

What hours should you fast from? ›

Some people choose to fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch. But which time frame works best depends on the individual. A full 24-hour fast every other day can seem extreme and may be difficult for many people to maintain, so it's usually not recommended for beginners.

How should a beginner fast? ›

With a traditional fast, start with 24 hours, and then bump it up to three days if the first one goes well. With the time-restricted approach, don't immediately limit yourself to eight hours a day of eating if you're used to eating every hour that you're awake; start with 12 hours on, 12 hours off, and go from there.

Does sleeping count as fasting? ›

Does sleeping count as fasting? A. Yes, while following intermittent fasting, sleeping is considered a fasting period. Therefore, one does not consume food or drinks during this state.

What food is good after fasting? ›

Gentle foods to break a fast
  • Smoothies. Blended drinks can be a gentler way to introduce nutrients to your body since they contain less fiber than whole, raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Dried fruits. ...
  • Soups. ...
  • Vegetables. ...
  • Fermented foods. ...
  • Healthy fats.
Sep 26, 2019

What happens when you fast for a day? ›

As well as aiding weight loss, not eating for a day can have other health benefits. Research suggests that occasional 24-hour fasting can improve cardiovascular health . Some evidence from research on animals shows that fasting can help fight certain kinds of cancer or even help preserve memory .

What happens if you fast for 5 days? ›

Can you live on nothing but water for five days? Yes, you can. But it's not going to be pretty. Your energy level will plummet and your body will start feeling like crap after a few days fat stores are spent and the water fast turns into ketosis.

What are the stages of a fast? ›

There are four stages of fasting that the body encounters. Anabolic, Catabolic, Partial Ketosis, and Active Ketosis. When we think of fasting, we often think of starvation or deprivation. There is a great deal of research around using this process as a tool for cell renewal, weight loss, and immune support.

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