Applying to the Adult Professional Program | Judson University


How to Apply

Degree-Seeking Students

久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影Enrolling in Judson University’s Adult Professional Programs is easy. And once we’ve received your application materials, we are generally able to get your application processed within 10 business days.

After You Apply

  • from all colleges attended* in original sealed envelopes (include high school transcript or G.E.D. if between 0-8 transferable semester hours)
  • . Our school code is 001700.

    *Federal government regulations require students to disclose all previous institutions/universities attended. If you have not disclosed all previous institutions to Judson University, upon admission, credit will not be awarded.

Certificate Only or Individual Courses

If you are interested in a certificate, advanced certificate or individual courses without completing the requirements for a degree, please submit an Unclassified Student Application.

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements vary according to whether you are interested in our Associate of Arts and Liberal Arts program or one of our bachelor degree programs (major cohorts).


If it has been less than two years since you last attended the adult undergraduate program at Judson University, contact your advisor to learn more about readmit procedures.

If you've been away from Judson for over two years, you will follow the new student admission process.

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