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Tuition and Fees

久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影We know that cost can be a big factor when you’re deciding on a college program. You’ll find that our tuition is highly competitive with similar programs.

久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影With the combination of financial aid options, you’ll find this investment in your continued education very manageable. You may also notice that the tuition is discounted from what a traditional student may pay. This is because of the convenient pre-planned cohort format and the fact that you are not subsidizing traditional student programs, such as sports, social events, or clubs.

What also sets us apart from similar programs is the tuition-free credits when you are in one of our programs.

Your tuition will vary according to the options you choose when completing your degree. All students take a major, but choose a variety of ways to complete their other graduation requirements.

久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影Judson University, Shaping Lives that Shape the World