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Why Study English at Judson?

Whether you want to be a writer, teacher, lawyer, or social media guru, Judson's English Department can give you the wide-ranging skills you need to thrive. The Literature major runs the gamut from Homer’s Odyssey to Batman—with Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and J.R.R. Tolkien in between—emphasizing the art of in-depth reading. The Writing major concentrates on creative fiction and non-fiction, while the Media Writing major covers web, entertainment, news, and popular print media.

English Major (Bachelor Degree)

Students in our English Department can choose from one of four majors including a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Communications, Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Bachelor of Arts in Writing, or Bachelor of Arts in Media Writing.

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English Minors

In addition to our offered english degree, you can also add one of our english minors to your existing major.

English Department Highlights


久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影Our English Department's small student to professor ratios will help you receive experiential instruction and more individual attention and interaction with faculty.


Receive instruction from a dynamic group of professors including a Tolkien specialist, an expert on comic books in American culture, a Fulbright scholar, and a Yale Ph.D.


If you are interested in a specific career, such as a social media director or writer, you can choose from one of three tracks, each with a unique combination of relevant classes.


久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影You will have the option for a semester abroad in England, at Harlaxton College, or at Oxford University, through the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.

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