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Alumni Board

The mission of the Judson University Alumni Association is to unite and serve alumni from Judson University and encourage alumni loyalty, support and involvement in the university. The JUAA Board of Directors are motivators, communicators and leaders who work together to fulfill the JUAA mission. 

Alumni Board 2017-2018:

John Syverson '90 (Chair)

 Amy Speweik '09 (Vice Chair)

Matthew Yoo '92

Eric Anderson '88

Ethan Adams '15

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Todd Oelerich '14

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Doug Gordon '14


 Alumni Board 2017

Alumni Board 2017-2018
Back Row – Bonnie Bienert, Ethan Adams, Amy Speweik, Todd Oelerich, Angel Cisneros, Kristen Egan
久久视频这里有精品63|操逼免费视频|宅宅网523电影 Front Row – Doug Gordon, Eric Anderson, Lori Heiselman, John Syverson, Matthew Yoo

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